2022 Summer Series Dates:

Event #1: Monday, June 13th - Cypress Ridge G.C.

Event #2: Monday, June 20th - Western Hills G.C.

Event #3: Thursday, June 23rd - Forbes G.C.

Event #4: Monday, June 27th - Topeka C.C.

Event #5: Monday, July 11th - Lake Shawnee G.C.

City Championship: Monday, July 18th/Tuesday, July 19th
1st round - Lake Shawnee G.C.
2nd round- Cypress Ridge G.C.

Congratulations to our 2021 City Champions:


15-17 Boys: Alex Valdivia

15-17 Girls: Kaitlyn Crough

13-14 Boys: Anderson Helmer

13-14 Girls: Natalie Peterson

11-12 Boys: Brody Buessing

11-12 Girls: Peyton Wright

9-10 Boys: Jase Head

9-10 Girls: Addison Fechter

8 & Under Boys: Landon Lentz

 *2022 SCHEDULE *

        SUMMER SERIES EVENTS (5 events)

#1  June 13th @ Cypress Ridge   7:30 AM 


#2  June 20th  @ Western Hills     7:30 AM

#3  June 23rd  @ Forbes G.C.       7:30 AM 


#4  June 27th  @ Topeka C.C        7:30 AM

#5 July 11th @ Lake Shawnee     1:00 PM

 City Junior Championship (2 rounds)

   -  July 18th  @ Lake Shawnee        7:30 AM

   -  July 19th  @ Cypress Ridge       8:30 AM

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