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What is the Summer Series?


****2024 SUMMER SERIES****

Open to all junior golfers ages 17 and under in the city of Topeka or surrounding counties.  Target scores have been set forth by the TJGA and asked to be closely monitored during competitions.  (see below for target scores)  Points will be awarded for your play throughout the Summer Series based on your individual finish in your age division.


Policies & Procedures

-  Check your tee time by clicking on the menu at the top of the page.

-  Males must have collared shirts tucked in with hemmed shorts. No jean shorts are allowed. Females must wear shirts with a collar or sleeves and shorts must have a 4″ inseam. Hats worn forward.


-  Golfers must check in at the tee box about ten minutes before your tee time to get instructions, etc. There is a golf clock near the practice putting green to let you know the correct time.


-  Use your rule book that you received. If you and your playing partners can’t agree on a ruling, play two balls and keep score with both balls and then check with the golf pro after your round to get the correct ruling.


-  The 12 and under boys and girls groups will have markers. You are responsible for counting your strokes and checking with the marker after each hole and agreeing on your score.


-  Before you turn in your scorecard to the scoreer you must check the scorecard hole by hole with the person who kept your score. Sign your scorecard only if correct. If you sign for a lower score you will be disqualified.

Target Scores

Age / Gender

15 - 17 Boys

15 - 17 Girls

13 - 14 Boys

13 - 14 Girls

11 - 12 Boys

11 - 12 Girls

9 - 10  Boys

10 & Under Girls

8 & Under Boys

8 & Under Girls

Target Score

Score of 95 from the Blue (Back) Tees

Score of 105 from the Red (Ladies) Tees

Score of 105 from the White (Middle) Tees

Score of 63 from the Red (Ladies) Tees (9 Holes)

Score of 60 from the Red (Ladies) Tees (9 Holes)

Score of 65 from the Red (Ladies) Tees (9 Holes)

Score of 63 from the Red (Ladies) Tees (9 Holes)

Score of 68 from the Red (Ladies) Tees (9 Holes)

Score of 70 from the Family Tees (9 holes)

Score of 75 from the Family Tees (9 holes)

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